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Digital Diabetes Care Program

By registering with the program, any applicable out-of-pocket pharmacy costs may be significantly reduced, or even eliminated, thanks to GreenShield’s copay assistance.

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Personalize your medications

Using eHealth, we can work with your physician to reduce unwanted drug interactions and side effects.

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At no extra cost, Daily Dose packs make remembering your meds simple. Convenient, portable, and travels easy!

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Access your entire medication history wherever you are - Order refills with the tap of a button.


Diabetes Management Made Easy

The Health Depot is a clinical pharmacy, helping you manage your prescriptions, your health, and all your pharmacy needs, from the comfort of your home.

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For peace of mind, it’s an easy choice. Free delivery across Canada.

For peace of mind, it’s an easy choice. Free delivery across Canada.
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Frequently asked questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions. Still have some questions? Find additional support in our Help centre.

How does an Online Pharmacy work?

An online pharmacy delivers your medication to you, so you don’t need to make a trip to the pharmacy or wait in long lines. You choose how you want your medications packaged and they are shipped directly to you for free!

Online pharmacies, also called “Digital Pharmacies”, serve patients over the phone, via secure video calls, and through email to provide comprehensive clinical pharmacy care. Our pharmacy also provides a one-stop-shop for your over-the-counter pharmacy needs through our Health Store, which includes free delivery on any order that includes a prescription.

What if I already have a pharmacy?

No problem. It’s easy to transfer some, or all, of your medications to The Health Depot from another pharmacy. Choose “Fill a Prescription”, and then the “Transfer” option. Fill out your current pharmacy’s contact info and note which medications you’d like to be transferred. We will contact your current pharmacy and request a transfer of your prescriptions and insurance information. From that point, one of our pharmacists will confirm how and when you take your medications and help create your personalized medication schedule.

No refills? No problem! We can contact your doctor to get refills on your prescriptions. Once we have your complete medication list, we will package your medications in your preferred method and ship them to you!

What is the Health Depot?

The Health Depot is an innovative online pharmacy that utilizes technology to make it easier and more convenient for you to get pharmacy care. Our pharmacists support and monitor medication safety for all of our patients and can even help to optimize medication therapy when needed.

With a dream of revolutionizing and changing the pharmacy profession, The Health depot provide a comprehensive, patient-focused experience. Our goal is to continually provide the utmost care by monitoring medication safety while working together with other healthcare professionals and caregivers to help ensure that the patient’s needs are met.

Our pharmacists are passionate about healthcare, with expert knowledge and years of practical experience. As a patient of The Health Depot Pharmacy, you have access to Clinical Pharmacists to help you understand your medications and to individualize your medication therapy to your health and needs. We are committed to working together with you and others in your Circle of Care to keep you in good health and give you the best care possible!